I wanted to lose a little bit of fat prior to joining the 3 month detox and weight-loss program. The detox was so easy to follow . Ekaterina did a wonderful job in putting everything together .I have done a few professional detoxes that I paid a lot more $$ and this by far is the best and user friendly .
I love how everything was set up . A list with what food I needed to buy ,a menu and recipes for everyday . If I had any question or concerns Ekaterina was there to answer all my questions. And I love the daily emails and the face book page where the group could post pictures of the food that we cooked. And on top of that I lose 6 pounds and I have kept it off . I would recommend this program to friends!



-Mell Freeman, San Diego, California


I was struggling with some extra weight and needed a proper guidance how to eat clean so I happily joined Ekaterina’s 3 month weight loss & lifestyle change program. The resources and all of the features in the program were great! Plenty of yummy recipes were provided by Ekaterina and the Healthy grocery tour and Cooking class were extremely helpful. I have lost 12lb. of body fat during only the first month. My migraines are gone. I look at differently on sugar and a lot of other things, and have eliminated them from my life now. People complemented me on my glowing skin and shiny hair right after the detox we first did. I walked away from the program with tons of knowledge and not just about food but many other areas of life, that I continue to use. I highly recommend this program. It’s a game changer!



-Tina Morris Davis, Fernandina Beach, Florida


I want everyone to know that prior to the 3 month weight-loss group program I felt bad and tired all the time. By 6 in the evening all I wanted to do was go to bed. My skin looked dull and dry. My stomach was always hurting and by evening I looked 4 months pregnant.

After I started the program I felt hopeful then I started feeling better. People would comment on how pretty my skin was looking and I lost 10 pounds. Losing weight wasn’t that important to me, I just wanted to feel good again.

Having someone to hold me accountable and ask me about any problems I might be having was very helpful and encouraging me. I’m glad I did it and I am sorry it came to an end.

Kat, thank you for everything. I appreciate everything you did for me.


-Kay Czito, Yulee Florida

Fantastic program, all of it. It was all top notch!!! Becoming a healthier person is more than just eating right. Ekaterina gave support and guidance in all areas of our lives. Relationships, Loving ourselves, encouraging us to dig deep and discover why we do what we do and to really look at things in a different perspective. I loved the cooking class at the end of our time together. It was fun and I enjoyed the social time with everyone. It was nice to see first hand that cooking the meal we ate was not hard to do. I love the recipes that we have been given.

Prior to tho the program I was feeling sluggish and non-motivated. I wanted to lose weight, take control of my health and learn to make healthier lifestyle choices. Ekaterina gave me the push needed to start the process.

We started with full body and mind detox which I always welcome because even though I know it is hard, in the end I feel like I’ve given myself a gift of cleansing and starting over. I lost weight and that always is exciting… It’s motivating to keep yourself on the right healthy path because you’ve given yourself this great start. I had more energy and slept better.

In this program I have learned so much that I didn’t know. I can read and understand labels better. I have learned to cook in new ways, learned new recipes and tried foods I might not have otherwise. I have learned why I should eat this and not that. I have learned “WHY” and that helps make informed and smart choices.

My husband has diabetes since 15 years. His blood sugar dropped and he lost approx. 15 lbs. By the way, his Dr. was impressed with his blood work results at his diabetes appointment after the program. All thanks to Ekaterina for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us. Thanks again!!

YES, I would highly recommend Ekaterina’s Lifestyle Change program! It was great for all the above reasons. The literature was so great for reference (I printed it out and put it in a binder) and it encouraged me to look at all aspects of my life to see if there were changes that needed to be implemented to make it better. We all can make our lives and health better and should always strive to be the best we can be. This program let me see that I needed to make changes for the better and the tools to do it. The encouragement was great. If I had questions Ekaterina was always there with an answer and info and encouragement.


-Cory & Bruce Wheeler, Kingsland, GA

Prior to working with Ekaterina Morrissey, my husband and I were struggling with losing weight and creating a healthier eating and life style for us and our 3 kids.  A good friends of ours, whom Ekaterina had helped with the same issues, recommended her.  After only the first 10 days, my husband lost 10 lb. and by the end of the month, he lost 19 lb., and myself 6 lb. of stubborn fat, we have been trying to lose for years.  My husband’s sleep significantly improved, as well his joints pain disappeared right after the detox Ekaterina coached us through.  My cravings for baked goods and sugary treats were also mysteriously gone.  We ate whole food meals, felt full and satisfied, and didn’t feel the need for snacking between meals.  After the detox we had a 2nd phone consultation with Ekaterina during which she asked us extensively about the eating habits we’d like to break and we talked about healthier alternatives.  Based on that, she delivered for us customized  2 week meal plan bundle, which includes, all the meals, recipes, recommended healthy brands to shop, cooking videos, complete shopping list and recommended supplements by trusted brands.  Coaching with Ekaterina also helped us tremendously to break the confusion caused by all this information on health out there.  Yes, there is such a thing as too much information!  We are now eating healthy and delicious meals, which are really easy to make, something I embraced because I don’t like to cook.  That has changed now.  Our kids LOVE the new menu and kefir is the new ice cream!  In conclusion, we highly recommend Ekaterina Morrissey not only for her expertise on health, weight-loss and maintaining it, but her simple approach by teaching her clients how to listen to their bodies and practice common sense in every decision regarding their health.

– Ves & Amy Whittemore – LCDR and CDR USN, Oahu, Hawaii



I have been trying to lose stubborn fat around my waist for a long time.  I also have a per-diabetic condition. Additionally, I have IBS for most of my life. After hearing about Ekaterina’s detox program and other people talking about the results they’ve got from it, I joined in.  Not that I lost 5kg = 7 lb. all fat from the waist but it also drastically improved my digestive health.  Particularly my chronic constipation I suffer from most of my life has gone after the detox.  Four month later now I still maintain my desired body weight and simply feel amazing.  The detox meals were delicious and the protocol is so well designed I never felt hungry, neither I had the urges to snack in between meals.  My blood sugar was steady and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Ekaterina is a true expert on how to cleanse and shift the body to a fat burning machine the healthy way!

Lily Ignatova – Retired High School Teacher, Bulgaria (EU)



As a former professional gymnast I was devastated when was diagnosed with early stage of Bekhterev’s disease. Before working with Ekaterina, I was experiencing multiple joint pain in the morning and after a periods of not being active. After I implemented Ekaterina’s expertise and detailed protocol, she provided on how and what supplements to take, as well as dietary recommendations, I have experienced as soon as day 7 major improvement in my joints. I no longer wake up in pain and feel so much more energy during the day which has been a huge impact on my mood, relationships and work as a gymnast coach. In addition to her genuine interest for my well being and recovery, Ekaterina provides a series of follow ups and tremendous support. I highly recommend her!


-Ilian Alexandrov ~ Owner of SOGA (Southern Oregon Gymnastic Academy), Medford, OR



I have been battling to lose 5 lb for a while so I gladly joined Ekaterina’s spring detox group. Not only I lost the 5 lb but completely reset my hormones and got my glowing skin back. I absolutely recommend Ekaterina as a health coach. She implements a lot of Ayurvedic methods and herbs in her detox program and a solid every day support with lots of advice and detailed menu with the recipes. It felt more like a 10 day spa than a detox!


-Mell Freeman – Veterinarian Technician, San Diego CA


As our family have decided to go 100% vegetarian, we hired Ekaterina to create a customized diet for our needs and healthy meal plan for a smooth transition. Making a change in life style and diet can be very confusing if you don’t have the right plan. The meal plan Ekaterina delivered was very practical. It was easy to follow and I love the grocery list and how it was broken down into categories. We loved all the meals, they were tasty, and very easy to make. I’m not a cook and I am terrible at trying to figure out new meals to make for the family so this was extremely helpful to me. With the meal plan I know exactly what I am making for dinner so I can start at noon and get ahead and then I am not running around the kitchen at 4:30 trying to get it all done by 5. Ekaterina introduced herbs and grains I’ve never used before that now I am using all the time and can’t imagine our meals any other way.



-Leta Milloway, Memphis TN


The entire 10 day detox was a great experience for me. The first week I was amazed at how often I have been actually reaching for the wrong foods because I did not think ahead about my meals. It was great that during the whole program, I always had healthy prepared food available when I needed it. I was also amazed at how incredibly easy it was to prepare. I was not expecting to become a chef overnight but it was actually pretty simple. The first couple days I felt a little bloated but then realized it was all the fibre and vegetables. However after that, my body got used to the feeling I started to feel lighter. The sauna was another tool that I felt useful. I will definitely take advantage of it more when I go to the gym. In general I do feel lighter and more energetic as a result of the detox. Thank you so much, Ekaterina!


– Rose, Make-up Artist for MAC Cosmetics, Windsor, Canada

Ekaterina Morrissey embodies wellness in style! Her genuine interest in your well being is the contagious motivation that makes you feel like taking better care of yourself and up leveling your style from the very first moment you meet her. Not because you need to compete or “keep up” but because you find you are loving life more, feeling great about yourself and naturally want to look fabulous and eat real and delicious foods. I love how she teaches – it’s always with a spirit of joy and inspiration for living your best life. Thanks to her I’m regularly making my family healthy wonderful gourmet meals including beautiful, delicious AND EASY sushi. She’s my go to gal for just the right inspiration and motivation to lead a healthy and deliciously authentic life in style! Thank you Ekaterina for everything!
Stephana Johnson


www.stephanajohnson.com  – Stephana Johnson, Business Consultant, Vancouver WA


This was my very first detox, I admit I wasn’t looking forward to it because I have heard horror stories from others about their detox. I was pleasantly surprised, it was great!!!! I felt great, the food was amazing and I will continue to use the recipes in the future. I have not slept so well in years. I usually wake 3 or 4 times a night but not on the detox. I didn’t miss my coffee at all, in fact I loved the tea and will continue with that also.
Ekaterina was a wonderful guide, she sent us an email every morning and sometimes two just to inform us what we were doing within our bodies.
I would and have recommended it to my friends.
I can’t wait to do it again in the middle of the year.


-Leta Milloway, Memphis TN


I became acquainted with Ekaterina just days after moving from NYC to Coronado, California. As a newcomer to the area, I asked Ekaterina to help me with two things:
1. To assist with my getting to know sources of organic foods, including non-wheat flours, breads, pastas, etc. plus locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and;
2. To devise a nutritious meal plan for me taking into account my food intolerances to dairy, wheat, peanuts and corn.
Before proposing a plan, Ekaterina asked me several questions about my lifestyle, my current diet and my health goals. Then, it was time to go shopping at the local health food store where we had an exhaustive look through all of the departments. Ekaterina is incredibly knowledgeable about foods to choose and also about those not to choose because of additives, packaging concerns and the unhealthy ways in which the foodstuff has been grown or processed. Following our outing, Ekaterina provided me with a well-organized One Week Meal Bundle including recipes and a complete shopping list.
Thanks to Ekaterina’s exemplary follow-up, we had another meeting in order for me to pose any outstanding questions that I had. Yet again, I learned additional tips on how to incorporate a variety of nutritious foods into my daily diet.
Ekaterina is a consummate professional who is genuinely passionate about helping her clients become as knowledgeable as possible about eating well and living well. I highly recommend her!

– Beth P


Year after year I packed on a few pounds, spending more money on bigger clothing, losing self esteem, and looking tired and fat. I was constantly falling asleep at random hours during the day due to very low energy level and struggled with constant mood swings. I was a sugar and coffee addict, drinking on average 10-12 cups of coffee a day. I use to go for periods on skipping meals to lose weight just to put on even more after I stopped. Working with Ekaterina not only improved my eating habits and lifestyle choices, making those choices easy to continue after the 6 month program finished, but it was actually a fun process as she provided tremendous support and expertise with a pinch of humor. Ekaterina’s mentorship was vital in helping me focus on my priorities and changing my way of life by adopting an all new mindset. She even thought me how to prepare fast, simple and tasty meals, something I was always intimidated by. I lost over 40 pounds, feel energized, and I have never felt better about myself! Thanks Ekaterina!

– Richard Stevenson



My doctor had told I need to lose about 20lbs in order to lower my high blood pressure. I hired Ekaterina to get a plan and support since all my attempts to do it myself failed. She has been a huge influence in my health life as I learned so many new things from simple ways to prepare easy meals and read food labels, to valuable information on nutrition and food myths the food industries want us to believe. I find her method very powerful as it leads to permanent weight loss. It took me about 4 months to lose the 20 lbs and with that a permanent change of my relationship with food. I am enjoying normal blood pressure as a result and feel great in general, having more energy and better sleep. I now make educated choices when I buy or order food in restaurants. Ekaterina is an effective and very supportive coach and I truly enjoyed working with her. I would recommend Ekaterina to anyone looking for long term weight loss and want to take their health and lifestyle to a new level.

– Robert Karrick


My goals prior to the program was to lose about 30lbs and maintain my weight for good. I have spent tons of money on diets, pre made meals, detoxes, exc. I had develop insomnia due to my excessive body weight was prescribed sleeping aid from my doc. I just kept gaining more weight gradually over the course of 2 years.
Ekaterina was able to help me work toward these goals by suggesting a program which was perfect for my case along with her steady support and coaching techniques, the process was actually very pleasant. I have lost 23lbs since and soon I will reach my final goal. The most significant change I’ve noticed since the begging of the program has been how I look at food and life differently and have completely turned around my mindset and my life. I feel in a much better place now, happier and fit. I also had a VIP Day with Ekaterina during which I’ve learned tons of valuable information on anything kitchen and food related. She sure does know her way around the Health Store and the tricks of the Food Industries.
At the end, I got pampered with 1h massage, Ekaterina had arranged for me. She was very supportive, strict and fun at the same time, and quite knowledgeable about everything she is coaching. I would strongly recommend Ekaterina to anyone who is seeking real results and not just playing around. Thank you, coach!

– Rita Naylor


I’ve been heavy for my height for the last 10 years.  I never lost the weight after my second child was born, and even gained 20lbs on top in the last 5 years.  About a year ago, I made a decision and a promise to myself to take better care of me and lose the 60 lbs.  My kids need a healthy mother.  I was feeling tired all the time, my sleep was disturbed, woke up tired every morning, and so I said: enough is enough!  I got a membership at the gym, started to watch dr. Oz and other health shows, got some books on weight loss and diets.  I lost 34 lbs this last year, all by myself, watching what I eat, doing portion control and walking the treadmill  at the gym. But then I got stuck on the same weight, even though I kept the same healthy routine. This felt very discouraging and I started to think I can never lose more and go back to my ideal weight.  That’s when a friend of mine who has done the health grocery store tour with Ekaterina, recommended her to me.  I was more desperate than optimistic when I hired her.  We just finished the 3rd month of the “Get Results” program and I have lost another 15 lbs!  Amazing results!  The biggest shocker was, I thought I was eating healthy (and to an extent I was), but what Ekaterina taught me and showed me was a huge eye opener.  I know now why I was not losing any more weight.  She knows all about food labels and the hidden ingredients that are made to appear “healthy”. I thought I knew too but I found out what I thought was healthy, was NOT!  She knew in instant why I was not losing the weight.  True expert on weight loss!  It’s been 3 months of reform for good.   I have hired her already for a VIP day to get my kitchen makeover.


– Janvieve Moreau