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4 reviews for Detox

  1. Admin

    I have never had more energy! it was like weights coming off my body and I had the energy of a kid again- it certainly has allowed me to keep up with my kids. Thanks Ekaterina!

    -Rich, HR Professional

  2. Admin

    I have been battling to lose 5 lb for a while so I gladly joined Ekaterina’s spring detox group. Not only I lost the 5 lb but completely reset my hormones and got my glowing skin back. I absolutely recommend Ekaterina as a health coach. She implements a lot of Ayurvedic methods and herbs in her detox program and a solid every day support with lots of advice and detailed menu with the recipes. It felt more like a 10 day spa than a detox!

    –Mell Freeman – Veterinarian Technician, San Diego CA

  3. Admin

    This was my very first detox, I admit I wasn’t looking forward to it because I have heard horror stories from others about their detox. I was pleasantly surprised, it was great!!!! I felt great, the food was amazing and I will continue to use the recipes in the future. I have not slept so well in years. I usually wake 3 or 4 times a night but not on the detox. I didn’t miss my coffee at all, in fact I loved the tea and will continue with that also. Ekaterina was a wonderful guide, she sent us an email every morning and sometimes two just to inform us what we were doing within our bodies.
    I would and have recommended it to my friends.
    I can’t wait to do it again in the Fall!

    -Leta Milloway, Memphis TN

  4. Admin

    The entire 10 day detox was a great experience for me. The first week I was amazed at how often I have been actually reaching for the wrong foods because I did not think ahead about my meals. It was great that during the whole program, I always had healthy prepared food available when I needed it. I was also amazed at how incredibly easy it was to prepare. I was not expecting to become a chef overnight but it was actually pretty simple. The first couple days I felt a little bloated but then realized it was all the fibre and vegetables. However after that, my body got used to the feeling I started to feel lighter. The sauna was another tool that I felt useful. I will definitely take advantage of it more when I go to the gym. In general I do feel lighter and more energetic as a result of the detox. Thank you so much, Ekaterina!

    – Rose, Make-up Artist for MAC Cosmetics

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