7 Warning Signs Your Body is Screaming for a Cleanse

No doubt, you’ve heard of a detox or a cleanse.  Simply put, it is a ‘Flushing your system of harmful toxins technique’ so your body can perform at its best.  When you participate in any sort of detoxification strategy you will get a body that functions better, allowing you to live better a all around life.  It is the holistic way to purify the body using foods and herbs that help the process and prevent unwanted health conditions and diseases.

Our bodies do have a natural built-in detox system, made up of the lymphatic system, digestive tract, the urinary system and the liver, that helps process all the toxins and chemicals modern life throws at us.  It is not just alcohol and tobacco that are loaded with toxins; pesticides, GMO’s, food additives, caffeine, and pollution all play their part too.  Even our mattresses and clothing contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and fire retardant chemicals.

Toxin levels are increasing at alarming rates day-to-day! A few years ago, the Environmental Working Group and Commonwealth, both non-profit organizations, dedicated to protecting the public and environmental health, began the Human Toxome Project. This study analyzed human tissues for industrial chemicals that became stored in the body through food, air, water, or ingredients in everyday products.  There were seven studies which used 75 participants, ranging in age from newborns to elderly.

Of all the people, 75 tested positive for a combined total of 455 of 528 chemicals, including pesticides linked to birth defects and developmental delays, heavy metals known to cause brain and nervous system disorders, and PCB’s which have been banned since 1977.

Consider that these are just the chemicals which were found.  Most toxins are stored deep within the fat tissues.  Every person living in an industrialized country now carries an average of 700 synthetic chemicals in their body from food, water, and air.  Toxic accumulation actually starts in the womb, and can be stored for a lifetime.  Toxins hasten the aging process, and cause inflammation as well.

What’s really ironic though is that while toxins HASTEN the aging process, our bodies actually decompose slower when we’re dead because of all the preservatives in us.  Why can’t it be the other way around?!

A body breaks down when it cannot handle the normal eliminative processes well, due to an overload of toxins.  This is also when the body becomes susceptible to bacteria, yeasts, and parasites entering it.  The results are infections and diseases, and the inability of the body to cope.

So, how to know if your body needs a cleanse?

Here are some of the warning signals our bodies give us that a cleanse is needed:

  1. You’ve gained fat and can’t lose it.

This is a 100% indicator your liver is congested, struggles to keep up and needs a vacation!  If your liver cannot handle the excess fat and sugar coming in, then fat and sugar will pile up in all the wrong places all over your body, particularly around the belly area, forming a “muffin top” or “beer belly” – hardening your arteries and generally accelerating aging across the board.

  1. Bad body odor.

Bad breath, a yellow and/or white coated tongue and bad body odor are also signs that the liver is not working efficiently to remove toxins from the bloodstream.  Sweat is the ‘public transit for toxins’.  Our body sweat doesn’t naturally stink.  The more the toxins to excrete, the worse the odor.

  1. Lack of energy and fatigue.

If you wake up feeling sluggish, needing ‘pick me up’ drinks loaded with caffeine and sugar through the day, you should definitely consider doing a detox, which will help you lose body waste and release stored up toxins.

  1. Indigestion and constipation.

Chronic indigestion and/or constipation are signs that your digestive system is not functioning properly.  If you have an accumulation of waste in your colon, constipation is just one of the symptoms, your body is telling you it needs a cleansing.

  1. Joint pain and body tenderness.

It could take years of accumulated toxins to express themselves in the form of inflammation, but once it does, you will start getting symptoms such as joint pain.  It is an indicator your system is overloaded and if you don’t pay attention to the early warning signs and remove the waste, chronic conditions such as arthritis may be soon feeling at home in your body.

  1. Skin problems.

Acne or other kinds of pimples are just an emergency way for toxins to get out through the skin and another sign your liver is in trouble.  Dark circles or puffy eyes in the morning screams that the kidneys are overwhelmed and not functioning well.  A clear message it’s time for a detox.

  1. Brain fog and/or memory loss.

If you are forgetting often, lacking mental clarity, and find that your memory is not working as it used to, chances are you are experiencing brain fog.  A common cause of brain fog is bowel toxicity, which directly affects the brain.

A good body cleanse and detoxification program has been performed for thousands of years in the form of fasting in every religion geographically, called by different names.  People gave up meals or certain foods for a period of time to help their bodies natural healing.  Today, the benefits of detoxing include eliminating chronic diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, and cancer prevention, to just name a few.

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  1. I attended the presentation last week on the detox program. I would like to be included in the group starting Friday. Please let me know how I join or enroll.

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